Money Plus
Expense tracking app for BlackBerry
Money Plus is a highly popular expense transaction tracking and financial management application designed exclusively for the BlackBerry® platform featuring information-focused user interface. Money Plus is a BlackBerry® native application developed in C++/Cascades for super fast native experience. All data is kept securely on the device and no login or sign-in is required.

Comprehensive list of features:


  • Interface optimized for super easy transaction entry and viewing
  • Assign transaction to payee, account and category
  • Auto calculate tax (rate set in options) when adding category expense (NEW!!!)
  • Split transaction amount across multiple categories (NEW!!!)
  • Add optional memo text to each transaction
  • Tag transactions with a reconciliation status
  • Filter transaction list by account, category or reconciliation status
  • Payee name suggestions; type first letter of payee name to quickly narrow down payee
  • Location-based (GPS, Cell and Wifi) payee suggestions; select payee based on your current location
  • Transaction entry optimized for both full-touch (Z10, Z30) and keyboard (Q5, Q10) devices


  • Unlimited number of accounts (cash, credit card, bank, etc)
  • Each account can have different currency
  • Over 100 currencies built-in
  • View account total balance and daily running balance
  • View all transactions for a specific account


  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Category spending charts allow you to see spending by day, month or year
  • View all transactions for a specific category


  • Unlimited number of payees
  • New payees created automatically as transaction is entered


  • Backup transaction data to a backup file for off-device archival
  • Restore prior backups at any time


  • Optional password can be set and prompted on every app start


  • Location-based features can be turned on or off (on by default)
  • Payee search radius can be configured as required
  • Location data never sent out of device; used only to suggest payees based on prior transaction data in the app


  • Reconciliation features can be turned on or off (on by default)
  • Configurable default status and quick action status
  • Quick action allows you to change transaction status right from the transaction list
  • Default flags (New, Cleared, Pending) can be customized and new status fields created

    Scheduled Transactions:

  • Easily schedule transactions for future date
  • Comprehensive recurrence schedule to post transaction on daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis
  • View and manage all scheduled transactions from Scheduled tab


  • Full support for portrait and landscape orientation across all features
  • All data is stored locally on the device and never sent or transmitted to external server, however it can be backed up for off-device storage if desired.

    If you are PC user of software such as Quicken, QuickBooks, Microsoft Money, iCash or web based products such as Mint then you will find Money Plus for BlackBerry PlayBook a perfect match.

    We are continuously working to add features and functionality and take all feedback very seriously.

    Purchasing this application allows you to install on both BlackBerry® 10 Smartphone and BlackBerry® PlayBook™ (features vary) at no extra charge (must be signed in with the same BlackBerry ID).

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    Adobe AIR, BlackBerry, Qt, BlackBerry - PlayBook
    • Money Plus - 1.99
    Finance, Business and Work
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