Monk - A Mobile Bank Powered By The People For The People
Monk is a mobile bank that enables communities and social circles to save, borrow and lend together.
Monk is a mobile platform aiming to reduce poverty and provide financial security by enabling communities and social circles to save, borrow and lend together. With over 5 billion people coming online via mobile devices by 2017, with the fastest growth and adoption rate in the poorer regions of the world. Monk is hoping to reach those most under-served and most neglected communities using mobile applications. We are uniting the members of these communities, not only socially, but also financially to create much needed leverages for the limited capital individuals of these groups possess. By doing so, we can create a layer of financial security for those in need as well as provide users the ability to seize opportunities to improve long term financial health.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Finance, Business and Work
  • Mobile Bank, Savings, Borrowing, Lending, Personal Finance, Social, Communities
Target Users
  • Under-served and under-represented communities, Immigrants and low-income households.
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes, iPad App Store
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