Monkey Labour
Endless retro gaming fun at its finest!
Mobot the robot is expected to mindlessly labor at his job deep inside the bowels of a corporate production facility while his monkey boss vents frustration by throwing obstacles Mobot's way.

Help Mobot stick it back to the system while avoiding being replaced by a cheaper model in this deliciously retro 80s style electronic handheld game rehash.

Dawn of Play proudly presents:


  • Retro handheld device revival

  • Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

  • Compare your scores on Game Center

  • Unique set of achievements

  • Hours of endless fun!


"Just like the classic games that inspired it, the gameplay in Monkey Labour is incredibly simple on the outside but contains subtle complexity and depth which is hard to master." 
TouchArcade — 4/5

"If you remember the days of Game and Watch with fondness, or are intrigued to see what gamers played back in the day, this is definitely a fabulous gaming curiosity!"
GamePro — 4/5

"High score junkies, retro gamers, and achievement hounds should really enjoy the classic fun provided by Dawn of Play's tribute to the early days of handheld gaming."
148Apps — 4.5/5

"All the nostalgic and collectors out there, don't miss this classic!" 
SpazioGames — 8/10

"Monkey Labour is all about the image inside the frame. Excellent replayable highly addictive gameplay in an uncompromising retro presentation. I love it, and hope to see more original games such as this."
TouchGen — 4/5

"Monkey Labour can be reviewed in one sentence: This is a sweet LCD-game from the 80' s that acts exactly as you remember these kind of games. It even has a virtual discoloured screen if you press your touch screen. This is hypernostagia for less than a buck. It isn´t gonna keep you up at night, but it will make you smile if you are one of gaming's old boys."
Gamereactor — 6/10

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Monkey Labour v1.1.3 - $0.99
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Target Users
  • Players, who will enjoy a modern original game in the style of the good old LCD handheld games of the Nintendo Game&Watch or Tiger type from the 1980s.
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