Help the cute monsters jump as high as possible while having as much fun as possible.
The little monsters in Trello Land want to go as high as possible and have as much fun as possible at the same time! Join them and help them! Get monster stars and unlock new monsters with your jumping skills. Each monster features a unique special power. Discover them all!
Can you get to the end and find out what lies beyond?
-8 different platforms
-moving platforms
-3 themes
-disappearing platforms
-3 different fun bonus items to collect
-high scores tables (local and global)
-8 unique amazing monsters to unlock, each with a unique special super power for you to discover
-great art and animation by Sounas Design
-unlimited fun for the whole family with random smart level design
–a brand new level designed just for you every time you start a new game
-unbelievably addictive
-will make your day, any day!
Windows Phone
  • Free version available
  • MonsterUp - 1.29
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  • monster,up,platform,arcade,fun,jump,bounce
Target Users
  • "bus-stop" and casual gamers
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