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Montevideo Portal, la Tecnología nos hace más Independientes.
All contents and services of Montevideo Portal in one place. We are the first 100% digital medium in the country, where you can inform yourself, entertain you and feel more connected with Uruguay, the region and the world.

Main features and functionalities:

Visualize our contents through an intuitive menu and organized by sections, with national and international coverage of all topics.

Access to photos, videos and multimedia content of first quality and definition.

Consult instantly what is happening at this moment in our "Last minute" section and see what is generating a sensation in the "Most read".

Log in with your account for a more social and entertaining experience, you can comment, vote comments, interact with the community and participate in exclusive raffles for our readers.

Share the content you want with your friends quickly with the buttons on social networks.

Customize your profile and activate or deactivate notifications. Montevideo Portal will notify you when an event of great relevance or seriousness occurs so that you are informed at all times.

Enter our raffles for tickets to shows, football matches and other cultural events directly from the app, with your account.
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