System for mobile distribution of video content in HD and Super HD, without buffering and eliminating all the problems of piracy
With Moodis App, you can watch you preferite movies, immediately, without stop during vision, on a train or in a tunnel on your mobile or tablet!
With a subdivision of the original video file "A", located on the server in HD or Super HD format, allows the device (mobile or tablet) to read the file "A" not as a single file of many Gbyte but like many small files of 10mb. By doing so, you no longer have to wait the buffering time to load the first few minutes of the content and in the case of pirate download, can take only a few megabit in transition and not the entire video file...
Android, BlackBerry, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, HTML5, BlackBerry - PlayBook, Windows 8
Photo, Video and TV, Business and Work
  • App, Mobile, Business, Content distribution, Movies, web ditribution, Anti-Piracy, video platform
Target Users
  • Video platform content company, from youtube to iTunes, Google Play, etc...But also for a Movies distribution Company like Sky OnLine or NETFLIX. All mobile content company distributor and big companies for a workshop OnLine
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