Moodpath is an interactive mental health screening that recognizes symptoms of depression and connects people affected and healthcare professionals.
Moodpath is an interactive mental health screening that recognizes symptoms of depression. By answering questions about physical and emotional well-being, the users receive a thorough evaluation of their mental health.

The Moodpath app connects to Aurora, a platform for healthcare professionals. The users of the app can chose to share their data and results with their doctor or therapist, using this platform. This gives the professionals the opportunity to monitor the developments of the patients mental health in real-time. The system was developed for use in small practices and in a hospital environment.

Additionally, the users receive a summary of the results as a pdf file that they can print and share with a doctor or therapist. This makes it easier for both parties to start the initial conversation. If needed, Moodpath can connect users with experts in their area.

The interactive “knowledge” part of the app gives the users additional information about depression and shows options for treatment and their advantages and disadvantages.

Moodpath has been pilot-tested and evaluated in the Theodor-Wenzel-Werk Clinics in cooperation with the Free University of Berlin, Germany. The platform solution Aurora is currently being beta-tested with partners from ambulatory mental health providers in Berlin (Institut für Verhaltenstherapie Berlin, various therapist-networks).

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Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Mental Health, Depression, Burnout, eHealth, Digital Health
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  • - Everyone who feels emotionally distressed. - Healthcare professionals.
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