mooverang is an innovative service to solve the lack of independent tools to manage the personal economy for consumers using a content driven approach backed by a consumer association.
mooverang is the only PFM in the world developed in collaboration with a consumer association (OCU, the biggest Spanish consumer organization). It gives mooverang a strong competitive advantage and a strong added value for the users: trustworthy, impartiality, transparency and honesty.

But mooverang is not only an accountable tool, it's a powerful content driven service helping people to better manage their money and using data to provide high value advices:
- matching user consumption data with OCU (consumer association) market data in order to realize automatic and personalized simulations and send unbiased recommendations.
- doing a deep analysis of the transaction and behavior of the user in order to push him daily personalized and exclusive content.

With mooverang users have a global overview of their finance (aggregation of more than 40 banks and credit cards), know easily how they spend their money (automatic categorization, automatic financial planning...), receive alerts each time something important happens in their accounts and have access to a cashback platform with more than 200 shops.
On the top of that mooverang users receive automatic and personalized tips of advice regarding their savings accounts, current accounts, credit cards, petrol stations and much more.
They can also aggregate their telephone service providers and energy utilities accounts (compatible with more than 15 entities) and receive independent recommendations adapted to their consumption. They are always notified of the cheapest rate in the market and can spend less by switching to a cheaper supplier/product (recommendations based on the price and service quality studies of OCU).

And last but not least, every user can save up to €2,000 a year by following the advice they receive every month.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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Finance, Empower citizens
  • PFM, Big Data, Personalized information
Target Users
  • mooverang targets a wide range of population with an omni channel service in order to be easy to use by anyone at any time.
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