Mr. Badekker
Hello, I am Mr. Badekker! The very first and best virtual guide of the agency Cult-Travel. I am your travel companion in augmented reality for your smart phone. Yes! I live in our beloved iPhone, Droid phone or very strange and rare Windows phone. I go..
Our product mixes Cities, Gaming and Animation to create a new and entertaining way to experience cities for the whole family.
The stories of our routes come out of the city itself, their buildings, anecdotes and features, etc.. The city is the playyard for our first interactive sensorbased character:
Mr.Badekker, your travel companion in Augmented Reality.
He tells the stories, creates the quest, the challenges to participate, interact, play ... His realistic behavior allows a believable Integration and Interaction with the Real World. The visitor gets emerged into an enhanced experience.

Current State:
· Functional prototype on iOS7 & Android created with the before mentioned tools.
· Spanish, English

· 1Q 2014 iOs, Android
· 3Q 2014 Launch of medieval tour: Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, London, Paris.

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone
Travel and Tourism, Games, Art and Culture
  • AR, Geo-location, Animation movie, City Tourism, Barcelona. Palma, London, Paris, and many more, Motion Capture, 3d, Workflow, Game-engine
Target Users
  • Mr. B has been designed for under-40s, who were born or grown up with animation films, video games and the Internet: Digital Natives, Kids and Digital Emigrants.
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