Mr. Pillster - pills reminder
Mr. Pillster - pills reminder
You are a modern mom. You have amazing family and you have an active lifestyle. But sometimes your family members get sick. Doctors prescribe them a medicine, too many medicines sometimes. Adherence is very important for good effect. How not to forget to give right medicine for both children in time? Mr. Pillster rushes to her help! Mr. Pillster is a mobile assistant for mom who will look after taking medicines in time. If it is missed Mr. Pillster will remind you.
You are a successful man. You have a lot of interests and hobbies. All of it needs many strength and energy. You always need to be in good shape to stay successful. Running and gym help you of course. But if you don’t want to feel exhausted from stress you need to take vitamins. And it isn’t enough to take one pill from the box in a day. You always need to remember about vitamins. Mr. Pillster is ready to help you!
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