Prioritizing local music
MUS is a streaming service company and which strongly focus in local music while prioritizing it.
Our objective market is Latin America, so when we say local music, we are talking about giving special attention to each country where we start operations. Besides we also have “international” music in our service through our agreements with Warner, Sony, and Universal.
As an example, in our app, our home screen is split in 2, half local music and half international music.
Take as an example our country Uruguay. The whole catalog, all the music ever produced, at all times, is not more than 60k tracks.
Right now in our catalog we have more than 14 MM tracks that means that Uruguayan music represents only 0.4% of our catalog, but we are giving them 50% of our home screen; local artists are happy.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
  • Nacional - 2.5
  • Internacional - 5
Music, Art and Culture
  • music
Target Users
  • all latin america music lovers
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Google Play, iTunes
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