Muster my Monsters
Local multiplayer madness for iPhone and iPad
Have a blast fighting in the arena of this hilarious 4-player party game. To deal with this bunch of monsters, the key is to have rapid reflexes, good intuition and master the art of bluffing. And don’t forget mocking at your rivals!
Muster my Monsters basic rules are similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors, but in Muster my Monsters we have ruder actions: Attack beats Mock, Mock beats Dodge and Dodge beats Attack. And this is called "balance".

Muster my Monsters = Party.

"Chuck", Goomerah, Oh-oh-zilla and other celebrity monsters will fight for glory in the battle arena of Muster my Monsters. Well, actually they will fight because this is the will of the Monster Master (aka Musty). Musty is a weird being that comes from... somewhere in the universe. His origin is not clear, actually.

Muster my Monsters has been developed by a tiny but incredibly talented team of two members that have been developing games for more than five years. It has been a long and tortuous development process of almost 8 months... but it was worth the effort! At Indie Dev Stories we are absolutely proud of Muster my Monsters and we are hoping that you enjoy the game as much as we do.
Muster my Monsters is already available on the App Store for free. Check it out!
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • game, iOS, iPhone, iPad, rock-paper-scissors, party game, group game, RPS game, monsters, multi player
Target Users
  • Mainly casual players. However, the game includes some challenges for hardcore players as well.
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