1 in 10 children in the UK have a speech and language problem. Current communications aids cost £2000 +. MyChoicePad is an educational iPad app that uses symbols, sign language & speech to enable choice, empowerment & independence.
MyChoicePad is the only iPad app to use the Makaton Language Programme (symbols, signs and speech) to help children and adults with learning or communication disabilities to communicate. Be heard. Be cool. Be you. MyChoicePad uses graphic symbols, signs, sign video and synchronised speech. It was created in collaboration with The Makaton Charity. Makaton is well known in the UK due to it's association with a BBC children's TV programme - Something Special. Makaton has been changing lives by enabling choice and giving a voice to over half a million people for the last 30 years. Until MyChoicePad it only existed in paper and CD format. The app was released at the beginning of May is being used across the UK by families, schools, colleges and by speech and language therapists as a choice enabler, education tool, for vocabulary acquisition and as an assessment tool. MyChoicePad makes makes communication for people who use signs and symbols affordable for the first time. Please see our case studies and our Facebook page for stories on how the app is changing lives. Eve, Mum to Charmaine describes the impact MyChoicePad has had on her family. “Life changing may sound extreme when talking about an app but for us it really is! My daughter struggles with the world understanding her, with this app she has a voice in society. She can order her dinner in a restaurant, ask a friend for tea, go shopping and make her feelings known. She is unable to use a PC, DS or any other computer device, but the touchscreen of an iPad, together with the very visual, familiar special needs friendly concept that is MyChoicePad really has opened up a whole new world in terms of freedom, independence and choice.”
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • MyChoicePad - £74.99 (Additional vocabulary can be purchased through the in-app purchase showcase)
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  • Makaton, sign language, autism, downs syndrome, speech delay, learning disability, aphasia
Target Users
  • Teachers, parents and carers of children and adults with learning or communication difficulties, speech and language professionals, Makaton training tutors
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