1 in 10 children in the UK have a speech and language problem. Current communications aids cost £2000 +. MyChoicePad is an educational iPad app that uses symbols, sign language & speech to enable choice, empowerment & independence.
== Empowering the Vulnerable ==

"Life changing may sound extreme when talking about an app but for us it really is! My daughter struggles with the world understanding her, with this app she has a voice in society. MyChoicePad really has opened up a whole new world in terms of freedom, independence and choice." Eve, Mum to Charmaine

"I just wanted to share that MyChoicePad has changed our lives. My son is one excellent signer, he has no vocabulary but thanks to the app he signs colours and animals fluently working on the alphabet at the moment." Sandie, Mum to Mason

"MyChoicePad can be used with a broad range of speech abilities and is a lifesaver when it comes to remembering and helping others with their signs." Heather, Independent Speech and Language Therapist

== About MyChoicePad ==

MyChoicePad Pro has been created in collaboration with The Makaton® Charity, creators of the Symbols and Signs used by Mr Tumble on CBeebies Something Special.

MyChoicePad Pro is about choice and self expression. Building communication skills is at the heart of the app. Used and endorsed by leading Speech and Language therapists, it is proven to help children and adults improve key learning and communication skills.


MyChoicePad is accessed via a valid subscription. Subscription is available via in-app purchase. New users will not be billed for the first 7 days and may cancel their subscription at any point within this time.

A subscription to MyChoicePad is a monthly renewed subscription, which will be renewed 24 hours before it ends every month unless cancelled by the user through the device settings.

3 Subscription options:
1 User Subscription monthly for £4.99
2 User Subscription monthly for £9.99
3 User Subscription monthly for £14.99

A valid subscription offers these benefits:

4000+ Makaton® Symbols and Signs
Quickly remind yourself of a Makaton® Symbol or Sign by looking it up in the MyChoicePad Library.

Grids for everything
Use Makaton Symbols to build Grids that help encourage communication and vocabulary development in any situation. Example Grids are included to get you started.

MyChoicePad for everyone
Personalise MyChoicePad for your User by adding your own photographs and recording your own voice. Use these customised symbols in your Grids to bring learning to life!
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • MyChoicePad - from £4.99 (a month for individuals)
  • Makaton, sign language, autism, downs syndrome, speech delay, learning disability, aphasia
Target Users
  • Teachers, parents and carers of children and adults with learning or communication difficulties, speech and language professionals, Makaton training tutors
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