MyGreenRank :: An App for Sustainable Smart Cities
Making energy spending responsible and assuring sustainable smart cities with active citizen collaboration
The App can be easily adopted to be used in any City for energy efficiency and sustainability ,

MyGreenRank App is all about life quality the App ensures sustainable behaviors in citizens to create a better tomorrow

MyGreenRank App Citizen empowerment modules

OCR/ AUTOMATED METER READER MODULE -Understand your energy Spending
In order to make an impact we need to understand how we consume energy. Automatic and manual meter reading is supported by MyGreenRank. The app create Awareness

Energy Reporting Module -Get recommendations
Consumer needs advice to improve their energy usage. Giving the right type of advice will help to stimulate the community and create Commitment

Gamification Module -Each community needs role models
The MyGreenRank leaderboard allows everybody to see how they have impacted their respective communities. This will drive communities to Better Habits

Energy reduction Contests Module - Unlock Sponsor Rewards
Good behaviors get rewarded. Sustainability conscious companies and government can sponsor challenge and further motivate people to improve their habits by giving Rewards

Prepaid Energy Module - Making Energy more affordable
In many places energy costs are high and for low income citizens pre-paid is a way to control. Mygreen advice and sponsored rewards, provides a mechanism with pre-paid Top-Ups

MyGreenRank App intends to rapidly scale up the energy conservation programme, by converting this into a mass consumer movement, where every consumer will be empowered to reduce their own energy consumption using this simple App. MyGreenRank App will enable every Power consumer monitor their to-date energy consumption, forecast their consumption and empower them with techniques to monitor and control their consumption. Through the MyGreenRank App, each and every consumer can be empowered in a very short period of time, irrespective of the nature of their facility – Apartments, Villas, Offices, Towers, Retail, Hotels, Hospitals, Industry etc. MyGreenRank App will thus, ensure the energy efficiency and saving is successfully realized by involvement of every consumer.”

One of the biggest motivators consumers have for conserving energy will be their accumulated savings MyGreenRank Power Wallet Make it Possible for consumers to have cumulative savings

The Power Wallet encourages the Power consumers to save their packages which can be redeemed for charities they support or shopping and other deals and power credits can be transferred to other MyGreenRank App Users

The App provide the customers the ability to monitor, track and engage with their energy. This means that a user can see how much a user is using, what it's costing before a user is asked to pay for it!

By monitoring the energy in real-time 24x7, comparing actual energy use with the forecast base load, and identifying the cause of any variations from the expected consumption, energy use can be optimized. Target energy use levels can be set

An app that provides virtual energy packs rather than power recharge coupons as branded products with each product designed on a lifestyle theme

it provides the energy user- full transparency of their energy consumption and cost whenever they like it.

The App puts power control right in the customers handheld

My Green Rank App allows to Track your power consumption via manual OCR (Optical character recognition) as well as integration with Smart Meters and Automated Meter Readers, it lets users Track & predict their power consumption and through gamification and ranking motivate energy saving behaviors to be an energy saving committed citizens

The App allows collaboration for better energy efficiency the app can also be used for prepaid energy where in which the users can budget their power consumption and save, tailored prepaid power packages can be availed by users to ensure their budget and savings check on the users pocket, The App make Power saving and better energy efficiency a collaborative mass movement making an efficient Smart cities of the future where efficient usage of resources and competitiveness will be essential for continued growth
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Empower citizens
  • Energy saving app, Measure energy , monitor energy , Manage energy , Save energy , Green energy, reduce carbon footprint
Target Users
  • Measure, Manage and Save and to Motivate incentivize users provide the customers the ability to monitor, track and engage with their energy. This means that a user can see how much a user is using, what it's costing before a user is asked to be paid
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