Nice City Pass
To improve the mobility within the Cities it is necessary to help citizens to take the better decisions by providing them with realtime information for every transport and parking systems: available parking spots, public transportation, bike rental...
With the aim of helping the citizens and users in their movements around the city, City Pass provides a mobile multiplatform service composed of the following 2 areas:

Helps the users to find the best itinerary and to take the best decision about where to park when coming to the City. EzPark is designed around a place guidance system allowing informing the users in real time about the parking spots availability:
- On-street per type of parking spot (resident, handicap, EV, free, paid, park & ride, etc.)
- Off-street parking (normal, handicap, EV)
- Parking relay deployed around the city and connected with public transports

Additional Services offered by this module:

Payment by phone offering more services and comfort to the user.
Info Traffic giving traffic information about:

Traffic status in real time in case that traffic sensor are deployed
Information about the perturbation programmed by the city council

Many users use their vehicles to make short trip to town. EzMove helps them to move around the city informing them of the means of transport available:

Public transport: if they are equipped with a system providing information on transmission lines, stops, schedules and disruptions.
Taxi: it allows to visualize the taxi, and call the reservation center taxi if available or allow to directly call taxis...
Alternate transportation if the city is equipped. It allows you to view where the stations and the availability of bicycle / electric cars in car sharing.
Rent a car / motorcycle: It allows the user to view rental agencies, to call them. A filter is available to select brands
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Phone
  • Free version available
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  • Smart Parking, Mobility, Public Transport, Mobile Payment
Target Users
  • All citizens moving around frequently inside a city
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes, Windows Phone Apps, iPad App Store
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