Nitro Chimp
Nitro Chimp is an endless runner iOS game where you control Nitro, a motorcycle daredevil chimp that races against his nemesis, a gorilla that plays dirty.
Get ready for a ride with Nitro Chimp, The world’s fastest stunt ape. Join Nitro and test your skills by racing through deserts, woods, snowy passes and sunny beaches. Challenge your reflexes in this adrenaline fueled ride by jumping and evading obstacles while escaping the wrath of his nemesis Chango.
Your run depends not only on distance but style as well. Do amazing stunts to get the best score and become Stunt King!
Collect awesome power ups such as hot peppers to burst on fire, Rockets boosters, head starts, shields and coin magnets.
You'll start off with the basic stunt bike but in each game you'll collect coins and complete missions to earn Nitro Coins and buy new rides in the shop.
Suit up with a selection of the coolest costumes any chimp would want.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Nitro Chimp - 0,99
  • endless runner, motorcycle, racing, action, monkey, gorilla, stunts
Target Users
  • 8+
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iTunes, iPad App Store
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