Satefy for your devices
This is Nodos Shield, a new security and tracking app for your device.
Nodos shows what places have been visited by the person who has the device, and the place where it is currently located.
Nodos can lock it, send an alarm or a message, delete or recover all internal data remotely, even take a picture, make a video or register of the person who has the device. It is able to stablish a perimeter where your device will work, a funcionality specially designed for schools and/or companies.
All this with a very easy to use website, which allows to access from every computer.
Android, Windows 8
  • Professional - 7 (1 year license)
  • Enterprise - 19,99 (1 year license)
Urban life, Transport and Traffic
  • safety - security - antitheft - robbery - mobile devices - computers - laptops - tracking - geolocation - perimeters - software - hardware - warning - lock - unlock - entrepreneur - creativity - block - unblock - geofence - retrieve information - delete i
Target Users
  • Consumers segment: Every one who has a smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC Business segment: Schools, universities which need to protect devices. Avoid stoles and avoid illegal installation or desintallation of hardware and software. Private and government c
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