Community based carpooling and assistance application
A revolutionary community based carpooling and assistance application. It connects you and your friends together using Facebook. Passengers looking for a ride can be matched with members going to and from their desired destinations or nearby locations. Private events and networks can be created so people can quickly find, join and get to where they want to be faster and easier. Users can subscribe to upcoming and trending events allowing them to carpool with event subscribers. Users can request their friends assistance via facebook and get map based locations of all relevant assistance or emergency locations and their respective routes within a specified radius. Users can collectively save time, save money and resources. They will improve their impact on the environment by making it greener due to lower carbon emissions and together they will solve Cairo\'s significant traffic problem all in one simple, free app.
  • Free version available
Transport and Traffic
  • traffic, carpooling, assistance, networking, facebook
Target Users
  • People who need transportation
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