Nott Won't Sleep
Nott Won't Sleep is an interactive bedtime story in which kids aged 2-5 prepare little Nott for bed by finding her stuffed toy, nightlight and saying goodnight to her friends and the moon.
Two young parents who were not satisfied with the current quality of iPad games, decided to take manners in their own hands. They started the publishing company 'Developlay', to make high quality games for kids and the first game they launched is 'Nott Won't Sleep'.
Nott Won’t Sleep is the result of the loving work of internationally acclaimed literary novelist Renate Dorrestein, game studio Monobanda and music composer Claynote. Together, they have taken great care to ensure that all elements within the app fit with the overall theme of going to bed, and support the bedtime rituals of small children.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Cute, Entertaining, Supportive, Safe
Target Users
  • Preschoolers and their parents.
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