O Mundo vs. Danilo Gentili
The best game created in Brazil in the Tower Defense style!
"The World vs Danilo Gentili" is a game first released for iPad, developed for the famous brazilian comedian Danilo Gentili, in one of his favorite styles: Tower Defense.
The story is as follows: Danilo is known for making jokes that can irritate many people. In the game it could not be different! After irritating politicians, celebrities, among others, he realizes that the only way to escape the wrath of is creating several clones! He buys a cloning machine on the internet, but things did not quite turn out as he expected ...
The game follows an innovative model that enables a new kind of advertising, in-game advertising. The proposal is that new scenarios and phases are created, with the participation of advertiser within the game itself. This new type of advertising is a great alternative for companies, because the brand is now always present, but in a fun and non-invasively way.
The game has 36 stages, three difficulty levels, four scenarios, over 60 achievements and enables sharing via Game Center.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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  • Danilo Gentili, Tower Defense, FingerTips
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  • Everyone who likes playing games and having fun!
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