OB Wheel Suite Pro
IMPORTANT NOTE: This application is intended for healthcare staff such as doctors, nurses, students, etc.

NEW: Bishop Score

This suite contains 3 applications: An OB Wheel, a Body Mass Index and a Bishop Score.

The OB Wheel allows you to calculate information about the patient and the fetus like gestational age by last period date or ultrasound and normality and abnormality parameters both maternal and fetal.

It makes queries by Last Menstrual Period (LMP), Gestation weeks, Ultrasounds and Fundal Height.

In all queries it's possible to obtain the following information (week dependent):

- Fetal Weight in pounds or grams in 90, 50 and 10 percentiles
- Abdominal Circumference in inches or millimeters by Ultrasound in 95 and 5 percentiles
- Mother weight gain in pounds or kilograms in 90 and 25 percentiles
- Fundal Height in inches or centimeters in 90 and 10 percentiles
- Uterine contractions per hour

These data were taken from WHO (World Health Organization) y probed field specialist, these data are available in both International and Imperial system. The data interpretation must be done by medical staff only

This OB Wheel is more accurate than a physical OB Wheel because it considers leap years so the sum Dates is more accurate.

The Body Mass Index (BMI) allows you to calculate the BMI based on height and weight, plus it shows the respective BMI Range and the ideal weight.

The Bishop Score is a pre-labor scoring system to assist in predicting whether induction of labor will be required. It has also been used to assess the odds of spontaneous preterm delivery. The total score is achieved by assessing the following five components on vaginal examination: Cervical dilation, Cervical effacement, Cervical consistency, Cervical position, Fetal station

All applications work with Imperial and Metric System, this can be changed in the application settings.

This application is very useful for healthcare staff because it allows them to know very quickly and accurately important information during medical consultation.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you want to help translate this application to your language.

Languages Available: English, Spanish.

If you have any suggestion, comment or question please contact us at [email protected] before publishing comment in the store.

Android, Java ME
  • OB Wheel Suite Pro - 2.99 (Android Market)
  • Fecha de Parto para Mamas - 1 (Stripped-down Version in OVI Store, in Spanish)
  • OB Wheel Suite Pro - 2.99 (Ovi Store in Progress)
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Target Users
  • obstetrics and gynecology doctors, general doctors, pregnancy women
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