Application Ocenjevalec lets you share things you like or don't like with other Ocenjevalec users. Find something you like (or don't like) take picture of it and share it, or check what other users like and grade or comment it.
Application Ocenjevalec lets you take a photo of something you like or don't like, describe it and lets you share it with other Ocenjevalec users. Users can grade or. comment your posts.

If users device has GPS, then along with the post a GPS location is recorded and if users turns GPS receiver on then he see's 10 of the nearest posts (goor or bad) on the map and he can go and visits them.

In the near future a number of upgrades are planed for this application including social networking integration (facebook, google+ and tweeter).
  • Free version available
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  • Ocenjevalec, Grade, Enviroment, GPS, Community, Social
Target Users
  • Students, Tourists, Everyone that would like to share good/bad things that are going around their community and has a Android 2.1+ smart phone
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