Discover the best deals and discounts from all your cards, memberships and loyalty programs from one single app
Offrie is a mobile app that aggregates deals and discounts from different merchants and shops. The first type of users are consumers, those who use the mobile application. Offrie helps users to know which offers they can take advantage of according to their location, day of the week, interests, cards and benefits programs they have. In a simple way and in just few seconds the users register in the application and customize their preferences. This type of users don't pay for the application, it is totally free.

The second type of users are the merchants, banks, payment networks and all the companies that have loyalty programs, credit or debit cards. These users could use a web application "the merchants panel" and can upload and configure offers, points of sale, notifications and can also get metrics and statistics through an analytics module that provides relevant data from the loyalty programs and strategies. Businesses, merchants, banks or payment networks pay a quarterly fee depending on the plan they choose. Additionally, we offer a white label version for big merchants.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • Offrie básico para comercios - 700000 (Pago trimestral)
  • Offrie destacado para comercios - 1000000 (Pago trimestral)
  • Offrie plus para comercios - 1300000 (Pago trimestral)
  • deals, offers, shopping, loyalty, discounts, rewards, campaigns, marketing analytics, saving
Target Users
  • 1. Consumers/App users: Men and especially women between 25 and 40 years old. People who own credit, debit, benefits or loyalty cards. People who love discounts and like to shop and buy different categories of products and services. 2. Merchants/Banks/P
Available in the following app stores
Google Play, iTunes
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