OleOleOla - Batuque da Torcida
Social Sound Sharing in multiplataforms for events
OleOleOla- is a new way to share the heat of the moments with with friends, colleagues and family. Soccer fans united to feel like you are inside the stadium. With OleOleOlá app and a Wi-Fi network, anyone with a smartphone can synchronize war chants and sambas in multiplataforms and synch the sound playing at the same time . The main purpose is to amplify the sounds, expand party and infect everyone with Brazilian mood (ginga).
The music:
• 3 batucadas • 4 war chants • 1 horn
Share your happiness!
The more people join, the louder it will be
"Our idea came out from the fact that Federation which organizes the WORLD SOCCER championship banned all musical instruments or sound equipment in stadiums. So, we thought: how can we have any fun without vibration, noise or pulse? Why not an app that may show the Brazilian ginga? We create the OleOleOla
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • 1.3 - 0 (Android )
Urban life, Sports, Social Media, Music
  • social sound, oleoleola, soccer fans, share music, samba, multiplataforms, wifi, together, collective
Target Users
  • musicians, soccer fans, corporate industry, events maker, promoters, advertising industry
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