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Share, find quickly and evaluate in real time the dishes of the restaurants of de city where you are, with the recommendations of the users of this graphic gastronomic guide.
Over 50% of the time you go to a restaurant, you do not know if you\\\'ll like what you\\\'ll eat. If you are in any city or country you do not know, the problem gets bigger.

Onfan is a mobile app. based on a crowdsourcing open data of a social network that helps citizens and tourists, find restaurants and cafes where to eat, bars, cocktail bars, or wine bars, delicatessens, bakeries and stores where you can taste local specialties in real time.

Onfan has recommendations from best food critics: chefs, foodies and bloggers, local or foreign people, or even people from your country who have been there before you. The advantage is that in Onfan you make the decision about what opinions are useful to you, only filtering those recommendations of your friends, cuisine freaks you follow, and renowned chefs that you like.

Onfan app. allows you participate sounding and recommending dishes and specialties that you like. Describing your experiences, explaining your gastronomic discoveries of those countries or cities you are visiting or where you live. Share your findings with your friends, people with similar culinary tastes, or even renowned chefs.

One of the best chef in the world, A. Luis Aduriz, Mugaritz Chef Restaurant, was the first to join us. You are invited too.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism, Eating and Drinking, Social Media
  • citizen, tourist, graphic gastronomic guide, crowdsourcing data, geolocation dishes, real time, share, find and evaluate dishes, quickly and easly, custom comments and recommendations, network of quality advisors, foodies.
Target Users
  • Onfan is for all mainstream, segmented between general public, culinary professionals, establishments and brands. Our potential clients are trade associations, brands and the establishment of the sector. Our marketing plan is aimed at getting foodies,
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