Accessible public transport complete guidance
OnTheBus is an accessible application for mobile devices with Android operating system that guides from a point of origin to a destination by using public transport.
Given a destination, the application offers a set of optimal paths to choose from. Having chosen one, the application guides the user from the point where he or she is to the bus stop. At this point, the system informs the user of the time left for the bus to get there. Once on the bus, the user will receive information from the bus stops he or she goes by and advised of when to press the buzzer to get off at the next stop. When the user has got off, he or she is guided to the destination. If no bus is needed, then the user will be guided walking.
The interface is designed for users with full functional capabilities and also for hearing-, not severe visually-, cognitive- and mobility- disabled people. It includes voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies, and writing using symbols. A parallel interface has been designed for people with severe visually impairment (blindness). This allows interaction with the touch screen in a simple and intuitive way for this group.
It is an ambient intelligence application in the urban environment using the latest technologies available on mobile devices such as GPS, compass and accelerometer, as well as 3G or WiFi connection to provide maps and a guidance system in a friendly environment.
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  • OnTheBus, Android, Accessibility, Blind, Universal Design, Bus, Transport, Guidance.
Target Users
  • This app is targeted to anyone that needs to travel in a city (known or unknown) using public transportation or walking and needs a system that guides him through all of the way. It is designed to be used by anyone, independently of their functional capab
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