Open Pins
Open Pins is a mobile App providing location based information from open data catalogues. The App is designed to make day to day life easier and quicker all at the push of a button.
Open Pins gathers location based information from any publicly available Open Data Libraries added by an admin into a web-based administration tool (by just adding a link to a dynamic interface). The data will be passed through to a generalized and intuitive designed App. This App shows a vast array of interesting locations e.g. buildings, toilets, police stations, museums, dump places or much more content, provided by open government powered cities.
Dynamic data like XML, JSON, CSV, etc. is processed by a "Data Mapping Engine" implemented on the server component of the App and will be delivered to it to present a detailed user-friendly form on the app interface. The intelligent interface allows the user to easily navigate, search and research these local points of interest.
Another clever means that once installed no data-upgrades will be required by the user - if any new data from the Open Data Catalogue becomes available it will just be added to the existing content by using the administration tool.
Every city in this world can use this App to present their location based data. The Design of the App is easy adoptable to fit to the City branding. The Administration Tool allows those cities to easily add new data to the Apps location category list.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
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  • open data, pins, location based, mapping tool,
Target Users
  • tourists, citizens, cities providing publicly location based data
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