mobile ticketing made easy
OpenMove is a reliable mobile ticketing solution that features:
- app for users: citizens and tourists find and pay for tickets of all means of transport and parking;
- dashboard for transport agencies: they manage autonomously mobile ticketing, being able to sign up, create and push tickets in people's pockets using a simple wizard. We provide also APIs for integration with informative systems and a dedicated app for ticket inspection.
Solutions by competitors have time-consuming deployment (they claim weeks or months) and need individual customisations, while OpenMove is:
1) the only plug&play platform, to set up autonomously the entire mobile ticketing solution with no effort and no need of IT capabilities;
2) compatible with all means of transport and parking;
3) an “as-a-Service” solution with plain business model: no setup costs, no hardware, just small fees on tickets sold.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic
  • openmove, mobile ticketing, Smart Cities, mobile payment, smart mobility
Target Users
  • all: residents, commuters, tourists
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Google Play, iTunes
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