Crowdsourcing Real World Coverage Maps
Smartphones and other mobile devices are increasingly becoming essential to everyday life and can do some a amazing things, but they're rendered useless without signal. We aim to become the most accurate and authoritative source of information on where you can use your mobile device and exactly what kind of performance you can expect, based on our crowd-sourced wireless coverage maps.

Our data comes from our android application which functions as a dashboard for a user's wireless signal: The app shows you which cell towers you are getting your signal from in real time, plots them on a map, and displays a simple arrow that points in the direction of the tower you are connected to, potentially directing you towards better signal. The app also allows you to run a speed test on the network that you are connected to. The app also has a WiFi mode which will do all of the same things but for your WiFi connection and the WiFi access points around you.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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