Meet people in real time while you're on the move on public transport and in waiting areas.
A lot of passengers pass through airports and all kind of stations; they are all anonymous to each other’s. We will put in contact like-minded people making of the worthless time in mobility public spaces and public transports in to high valued social and professional time.
Usually the travelers don’t meet people during their displacements, whit Public App this will change. Business people will do networking. Students and workers will connect in their regular travels. International students will be able to connect and share all the travel. Travelers in general will be able to meet locals to get contacts in the destination or nationals to go together.
All of them will be able to connect in their usual and unusual trips.
We'll provide in only one service a wide range of possibilities to our users to improve their social live and exploit their social time. Actually, they pass through these places whit out social action, although there are a lot of people to connect in these places and all public transports.
We are a social Startup. Public app promotes debate, creation, cooperation and social inclusion. We are betting on a sustainable and ethical mobility.
Improving the public transport experience, we want to increase their interest and use. The future cities will be connected only by connected, shared and common transports.
We are testing in universities.
Travel and Tourism, Social Media, Art and Culture
  • networking opportunities meet people share connect travel
Target Users
  • students, entrepreneurs and business people but all the public transport passengers
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