OutLoud - Social DJ App
At your next party, control the music together with your friends and shape the playlist in real-time. Your phones are your mixing boards.

Vote songs up and down the playlist and add your own favorite songs for others to vote on. The song with the most votes is played next. As a result, you'll always have a playlist that best fits the crowd and the moment.

Add any song through Spotify, even if you don't have an account. You can also add songs directly from your own Spotify, iTunes and OutLoud playlists or from Spotify's and OutLoud's top charts.

Your playlist has a unique weblink that lets others join easily. Anybody can join the playlist using OutLoud's web app. For the ultimate experience, iOS users can seamlessly switch to the native app.

Project your playlist to your TV (through Google Chromecast) for the party to rally around. The TV displays tons of cool info, such as upcoming songs, recently added songs, top DJs, and Tweets and Instagrams with a specific hashtag.

OutLoud is free and requires no log-ons or set-ups.
iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), HTML5
  • Free version available
Social Media, Music
  • social jukebox, social DJ, collaborative playlist music player
Target Users
  • Anybody who wants to engage in a more collaborative music experience, whether at an epic party or at a casual get-together. Target age-group: 14 to 34. OutLoud is perfect for individuals and organizations (e.g. college parties, bars and coffee shops).
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