Feel the music, Together
Ouuuyeah! enables people to enjoy a new and uncovered social experience. With Ouuuyeah! you can Chat, Listen and share Video clips with your friends in real time, completely synchronized! This new social idea aims to regain an experience that is being lost: sharing a realtime music experience with your friends.

//Real time. Music. Messenger.
Start a Music Session, add songs from YouTube to a Playlist, invite a friend, listen to the same music, watch the same videos instantly and chat to comment the experience.

//Create a Music Session
Search for music and add songs you want to listen and create a Music Session. Share it with your friends!
It’s an instant-shared Playlist!

//Invite a friend
Send a Music Session to a friend through your favorite messaging service or social network and wait for your friend to join in.
Share the music together and enjoy the experience!

//Chat, Feel the music, together
Chat and listen to the shared Playlist together with your friend. Get in touch with your friend directly through the chat while both listening to the same music and watching the same videos.
It’s a real time Video-Music Session!

//Collaborate. Joint Playlist. Real-time
Add, reorder, remove or skip songs from the Playlist jointly with your friend. It’s an instant real-time collaborative playlist.
Feel the music, together!

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Art and Culture, Music, Social Media, Urban life
  • music, social, video, chat
Target Users
  • Any user over 12 years old
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