Ozii is a mobile application that manages the customer product order lifecyle from ordering to delivery
Ozii was created to be the one shopping and ordering app that is as easy to use as ABC for the customers and easy order management for the merchants and Shopping Malls.

When you choose an item to your order in Ozii, you specify the amount or quantity needed and you click “Add” to update your list. To make it a lot easier, you can compose/change lists using your favourites or previously used items.

Say you want to buy 4 loaves of bread. You add "Bread" as an item that comes in loaves. You then add 4 to the “qty” box, and you're done! Also, you probably want to add "Bread" to your favourites, in which case you click the favourite icon before adding the item.

The next time you are in need of 5 loaves of bread, just reuse the same list or add the favourite item and you're good to go.
Once your list is done, you click the send button to send the order to the merchant site if there is an internet connection, else, it will send by SMS.
The app allows you to track your order till its delivered (POD biz model) or picked up (POP biz model).
The merchant module will pick up your order and update the status at various stages of the order lifecycle till completion.
Ozii also offers all the features you would expect from a shopping list app, including:

Favorite items
Add multiple items at once
Search in favorites and item history
Copy lists
Share lists by SMS, Twitter and Facebook
Tracks frequency and volume of orders
Call merchant or shopping mall hotlines
Browse merchant or shopping mall mobile websites.
Tell a friend about the app
Rate, recommend and review products for merchant and shopping mall blog
BlackBerry, Java ME, Series 40
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