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Park Güell, in the middle of Barcelona, Spain, is one of the greatest works of Gaudí. Get much more out of your visit to the park with this informative application.

This app provides information about all the important parts of Park Güell. While walking through the park you can use it to find your position on the map (a device with GPS is required). Or, if you've been to the park already, you can relive the experience and show your friends and family the places you've visited.

The app includes the history of the park, a short biography of Gaudí, and essential information such as how to get to the park, whether or not there is an admission charge, and if there are public bathrooms.

Even if you can't visit Barcelona, you can 'virtually walk' through the park with a panorama of each important place in the park (like Street View).


- Map of the park (with GPS localization).

- Information about 15 areas of the park (including the location of the area on the park map).

- Virtual tour inside the park (15 panoramas).

- Photo gallery.

- Important information about the park (street address and directions to the park, GPS position, opening hours, history of the park, biographical information about Gaudí, park services, park guidelines).
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