Parkifast: Aparca a la primera
Parkifast: the ultimate solution to the parking problem
¿Tired of going in circles looking for on-street parking?

Parkifast is the ultimate solution to the parking problem: it offers a distributed and collaborative approach. By installing the app, it automatically, anonymously and unintrusively detects when and where our users unpark their cars. The aggregated information from all our users results in a dynamic real-time database of the parking status of any city in the world.

The service Parkifast offers is completely optimized towards user-friendliness, speed and safety. When a user is in the need to park, the only thing she has to do is fire up Parkifast app, tap on a single button and in a matter of seconds, the best free spot location will be returned and GPS navigation with voice will start.

Additionally, Parkifast helps our users save money on gas as well. It offers a petrol station prices comparator feature built-in, by which our studies have determined users can get up to 20% savings on every deposit!

Moreover, have you ever forgot where you parked your car? That problem is gone with Parkifast, since it can remember where you parked and take you there via GPS navigation (on foot route).

Parkifast is a community of people tired of wasting money and time looking for parking. We are more than 50.000 drivers who save money and time every single day, effortlessly, in a smart way. Join us by simply downloading our app and welcome to the community! Among us all we can make our cities greener and smarter!
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Target Users
  • We are going after a massive market: every car driver who owns a smartphone. However, our initial focus is on young drivers between 25 and 45 years old, who need to use their cars for professional reasons, since those are the ones with the biggest pain re
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