Pasahero is a multi-functional mobile commuting app that combines story and trivia to create a engaging experience out of day-to-day travel.
Pasahero comes equipped with features that are most functional to transit travelers. We\'ve included a strong route-planning system that incorporates route calculations based on travel time and walking distance and speed. The application also provides users an option to choose alternate routes which includes additional information such as total cost and mode of transportation. On top of these features is an offline story and trivia driven experience narrated through a crafted digital character that provides commentaries on the rich details and hidden stories of our physical surroundings. With both time and location based plots, Pasahero reimagines the users\' monotonous travel to be more engaging, exciting and National Treasure-esque. Ultimately, our application seeks to alter the public transit user\'s experience by freeing his mind from the tedious logistics of travel while unlocking his curiosity about the world around him.
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Travel and Tourism, Transport and Traffic, Education
  • transit, commute, android, map, navigation, trip plan
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  • commuters in metro manila
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