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Jogge Pro Personal Assistant is the very best call management and filtering application in the market.
It does this by enabling blacklist of numbers based on a chosen profile, time of the day, manual entry, group, unknown, hidden numbers, wildcard entry etc. Sometimes, some people need to be put at bay when you are focusing on other things. It is akin to the “DO NOT DISTURB” note that we place on our doors in hotels or when on those intercontinental flights.

Secondly, it can allow a voice message to be played informing the caller on your status and can take voice messages. Imagine, the relief to your caller instead of endless attempts to reach you while you are genuinely busy at something else.

It can reject by sms with a predefined SMS/SMSs. Many a professional has to dodge to send an sms when in a meeting by taking their phones under the table and sending a quick sms.

Lastly, it has an intelligent sensor that allows you to add numbers upon a trigger.

We believe that it will go a long way in boosting the productivity of professionals, executives and business people as well as other market segments that tap into this benefit.

In simple terms, take advantage of your phone to boost your productivity smartly.
Android, BlackBerry, Series 40
  • Jogge Pro Personal Assistant - NGN1000 (Free trial for 7 days.)
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  • call filtering, blacklist, personal assistant, jogge pro
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  • professionals, executives and business people
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