Personal Security Home Alarm
Allows you to arm an alarm wherever you want, everytime you need an intrusion system with motion detection.
Personal Security Home Alarm allows you to Arm an alarm wherever you want, everytime you need an intrusion alarm system with motion detection. This application can be used to protect your device (or another object) to be stolen, or can be used to protect yourself by arming an alarm system in your house, by placing the device at doors and/or windows.The alarm system uses the accelerometers sensors from your device to detect when its position (axis) has been modified.
When the alarm triggers, an alarm sound is played, the vibration and the light (screen and flashlight) turn on. The alarm duration is about 45 seconds. The system is automatically re-armed when the alarm ends. The alarm can be disarmed whenever the user decides it.
Practice examples of use:- avoid your phone to be stolen in public places (arming the alarm when the phone is unattended)- make sure that childrens do not take a cookie (putting the armed phone above the cookies jar)- protect your bag from curious eyes (putting the armed phone on it)- sleep secure with an alarm system armed at your home (standing the armed phone at the main door)- and more...
Warnings of use:- be sure you have the media sound volume level high when you turn the alarm on- airplane mode is recommended to avoid notifications and third-party interferences
User settings:- switch alarm sound on/off- switch vibration on/off- switch screen light on on/off- switch flashlight on/off- set sensor alarm level sensibility
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