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phellow seven develops a personal health assistant platform for empowered, personalized healthcare management by patients/citizens serving as digital health hub. On the one hand, the platform integrates with existing IHE-based professional healthcare networks or medical IT systems like hospital information systems. On the other hand, it integrates with third party consumer health and medical apps. It provides one safe and secure login, data storage according to European privacy and security laws as well as some basic services like access rights management, EHR and medication. Specific functions like diabetes management or fitness tracking can be selected from the integrated app collection according to personal needs and the current lifestyle. phi is the central control app for the platform. It enables users to better manage their health and to exchange personally generated data from the app universe with their healthcare providers.

Phellow seven is a spin-off project from Heidelberg University Hospital. The incorporation of phellow seven will be during 2017. As our app is in MVP/prototype status at the moment, only being functional while integrated into a regional health information exchange network, we do not have any version in the app stores yet. We will showcase it during conhIT.

The underlying project is funded by the German ministry of economics by an EXIST-Forschungstransfer. The project is called "ICH.gesund".

Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
  • personal health information management, patient generated content, data exchange, data integration, app integration
Target Users
  • citizens, patients
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