Photo Effect
Create beautiful photo effects.
Create unique and awesome cool effects on your photos and you can also share those with friends and family using Facebook & also with Email or any other photo sharing application.
Create effects like Gray scale image,Oldies Photos,Hue effects,Edge effects,Emobss Effects, Snow Effects, Photo Fliping Effects,Blue Color Effects,Green Color Effects,Red Color Effects and Contrast Effects.
Create 9 amazing effects with photo of yours and your friends and your family.You can surpirse every one with your unique Image Filters.
The effects are much unique as compare to most other photo editing softwares & Mobile Apps in the App World.Instead of editing your pictures,You can also create Photo Albums with your Photos.
Use Camera to snap a new photos and make those to looks funny & attractive instantly.
Browse to take a Photo from SDcard and make those to looks like amazing instantly.
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  • Most of creative people.
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