Connecting innovating wireless devices with the Physiotherapist
We all know that there is an increase of chronic patients and that we have to focus more on these patients than ever before. We also know that a lot of professional have to write down their healthcare process (training plan / calendar / tests / etc.) on paper and that means extra time and work. Time that could be better spend on care for the patient. We do also know that it is necessary for the chronic patient to be more involved with his own healthcare process. PhysioForm acts on both these known problems and does even more. PhysioForm lets you digitaly schedule your patients appointments when making housecalls, lets you make training plans (specific protocol training, in- and outdoor training, etc.) take performance tests, be connected in real-time with your patient and will save the data in a digital record. PhysioForm also connects the patient with their own healthcare process by connecting wireless (and personal care) devices with their training and daily activity. This data can then be used to provide even more and better care on multiple levels of healthcare.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
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