Pianonome is an automated piano tutor, listens to your practice and tells your mistakes immediately, helping you to hone your piano skills in a shorter time. Practice smart with Pianonome.

What is this app?

Pianonome is a patent pending app which is designed to help piano students be more productive in their practice sessions. The app does not require any cable or device apart from your iPhone or iPad. The microphone of your device is used to tell what key you are playing and at what tempo. Pianonome comes with 40 music scores, which are written exclusively for this app.

How is Pianonome app different from any other piano music apps?

Because you have to tune the app to your piano or keyboard so the app will recognize the frequencies of the played notes on your piano even if the piano was slightly out of tune. This way it's very precise highlighting your mistakes as it uses a note detection algorithm.

Who can benefit from Pianonome?

Children and any beginner piano students can benefit from Pianonome. Pianonome is a strict piano coach who highlights your mistakes and helps you monitor your progress. It is a great tool to practice smart.

Why is it better than practicing alone?

Deliberate practice is a theory in psychology supported by experimental results which explains how we master new skills. It has been shown the quality of feedback when learning a new skill is very important. At the same time, correcting your mistakes on the spot is another key element in learning a new skill efficiently. Pianonome combines these elements in order to be a great assistance to piano students.

What is the best way of using Pianonome?

Pianonome has two modes, Practice and Evaluation. In the Practice mode, you play the selected music score, the app listens and knows what note you are playing. If you play wrong notes, the app will mark them in red. You can set the metronome to the tempo you want to practice at. The unsteady rhythmically notes are marked with a box. You can tap on the pause button and you can scroll backward. After tapping on the play button you start playing.

In the evaluation mode, Pianonome is strict. You have to play the correct note in order to move on to the next note in the score. The number of your mistakes is counted. At the end of the score, you can see your performance in the past ten sessions. This way you can test yourself, and see how over time you are improving your skills.

If you have a piano teacher, you can introduce Pianonome to him/her and ask how he/she recommend using the app. Please let us know if you have a question.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Pianonome 2.0 - 9.99
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  • Beginner piano students, adults and kids
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