Pickmeapp - Make a wish!
Publish your most vibrant wishes & date the best proposer(s)
Wishes are the fuel of human optimism, motivation and dreams.

However, most of the time, our wishes remain contained in a very narrow social perimeter due to cultural & technological limitations. Sharing wishes is actually very challenging and to date, there is no easy way to unleash their creative potential.

We created PickMeApp, a pioneering mobile application that enables you: (i) to express/auction/broadcast your most vibrant wishes/desires, and (ii) to pick up the people that could make them come true.

PickMeApp provides a gamified arena where users compete socially to express, exchange and fulfil their wishes. The aim of PickMeApp is to provide a novel and fun way to break the ice and meet new people, for the purpose of making friends, flirting and dating.

PickMeApp is organized like a game where genders have different roles but a common goal. The initiative is given to female users that can publish an unlimited number of wishes/desires. Male users compete with each other to come up with the most attractive and original proposal. After a period of maximum 48 hours, the lady owning the wish can select the best proposal and is automatically put in contact, via an in-app chat room, with the proposer.

To ensure a rich and rewarding user experience, the app is powered by three potent psychological drivers:

(i) THE "MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE" HOOK: while publishing a wish, female users are acting like sending a message, at random, to the community. It is a deliberately provocative, fun and glamorous action aiming at capturing attention in a surprising and subtle manner.

(ii) THE THRILL OF THE UNKNOWN: the most important part of the wish is not what you ask per se, but rather the surprise associated with the received proposal. It conveys part of the mystery and the attraction of meeting new people.

(iii) SOCIAL COMPETITION & REWARD: For male users, the only way to attract the interest of a given female user is to come up with the best, most original and disruptive proposal. This situation creates an interesting behavioral “feedback loop”. On one hand, male users are facing a fierce competition to come up with the “best” proposal, and consequently need to either be very creative and/or send many proposals to increase their odds. On the other hand, being selected is a double reward for male users since they score a win in the social competition and further have the privilege to chat with the author of the wish
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • "Up-To-Date" - 0.99€ (5 additional proposals)
  • "Shoot'em up" - 4.99€ (30 additional proposals)
  • "Genius of the Lamp" - 8.99€ (Unlimited proposals)
Urban life, Social Media
  • Dating, wishes, desire, ice-breaker
Target Users
  • Millennials & Singles (18 - 35-year-old)
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Google Play, iTunes
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