Realtime monitoring and managing your private driver
PickMeUp is an application that connects between a user or boss with their drivers. This application allows the boss to manage the driver that he has and can make the jobs to the drivers in a structured and scheduled. The boss will assign any person who will become their drivers, the driver simply stay will verify the data that is created by a boss. After the boss and the driver has been integrated, and the boss can manage all drivers; know the distance from the location of the boss is. After that, the boss can also create a job for which their choosen driver, the job is to pick up or deliver the boss to the destination. If the boss gives job to pick up, then the boss can monitor the location of the driver while the driver was traveling to where the boss is. Monitoring info which provided by the application is the distance, speed and time estimation of the location of the driver to the boss location in realtime and up-to-date. Drivers will only perform accept or decline (grounded) when he gets the job from the boss.

Drivers can also tracking the location of the job given by his boss. When a driver has reached the location of the boss, the driver will provide information through application that he has reached the destination location and ready to pick up his boss. Every job will be documented on the history page, so that the system will use the feature to calculate the monthly salary to be received by the driver. For more development continued, the boss will be able to pay a drivers salary in an integrated manner with a credit card or debit card. They will also be given feature of spent fuel usage by a car during a journey or a job which assigned by the boss to the driver. This application uses Microsoft Azure technology for server and client side applications available on the Android platform. To further develop the application will be available at IOS and Windows Phone platforms.
  • Free version available
Urban life, Transport and Traffic
  • pickmeup, private driver, driver monitoring system, location tracking, driver job monitoring
Target Users
  • the people who has driver, the company or community which want to monitor the group of user or people
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