Ping Pong World
Ping Pong World is a new ping pong style based on the table tennis classic game PONG, created by Atari, that mix SOCCER and PING PONG.

Features of Ping Pong World:
- 3 game modes: PONG league, PONG tournament and friendly game.
- Online worldwide leaderboards to compare with other Ping Pong World players ->
- 4 levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard and very hard.
- 96 countries and 12 divisions.

Ping Pong World always will challenge you, each one of the 96 teams have different characteristics available (speed, width, strength), so if you win with one team you can choose another one with worse skills, and if you still find it easy, always you can increase the difficulty level, but be warned that in 'very difficult' level there are not many users able to beat the machine.

Enyoy this classic game (arkanoid style) and send your scores to our Ping Pong World page.
Ping Pong World is one of the top rated games for Android users, if you want to have a good time and improve your reflexes, do not hesitate to install this addictive game.

PONG is the first videogame in history, Ping Pong World is a tribute to this wonderful game created by Atari in 1972, but Ping Pong World goes further and offers you the chance to play against different opponents and share your progress with the community of PING PONG WORLD.

I want to thank all users who have shared and reviewed this game.

* PING PONG WORLD is a FREE GAME and only uses the necessary permits to operate.
  • Free version available
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  • Retro game players
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