99pizzas - Pizza Delivery
Easy pizza delivery in any city
Starting up from the Pizza capital of the world, Sao Paulo, Brazil, where 1,000,000 pizzas are eaten everyday, 99Pizzas aims to redesign the way people order Pizza Delivery.
The convenience to order a pizza when you are hungry and are not willing to cook can be even easier when you have all of the pizza shops in your hand.
99Pizzas features a technology to reach any pizza shop in any city. Venue setup can be made in minutes.

99Pizzas has developed a new technology to reach any pizza shop in the world, even those that are NOT plugged to the Internet. This technology leverages the company to a very low penetration cost, bringing the possibility to rapidly expand its network to any city or neighborhood IN THE WORLD.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Free version available
Eating and Drinking
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Target Users
  • women and men 24-35 years old mobile enthusiastic.
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