Populetic is a social network for resolving complaints. -- Populetic es una red social de resolución de reclamaciones.
We want to help you find real solutions for your complaints. Through the support of our social network, we can exert more pressure and get companys look for a solution.
We want to be the new channel between consumers and businesses.

How does it work?
1 - Expose your problem: Let everyone know so it would not happen again. Ask your friends for support and share your claim.
2 - Communication: Populetic notifies your complaint to the company and we offer a chat room for you to communicate with them.
3 - Resolution: We help you to solve the problem and make public its resolution.


Queremos ser más que un medio de reclamaciones, queremos ser tu canal de soluciones. Mediante el apoyo de la red social, podemos ejercer más presión y conseguir que las empresas atiendan a tus problemas.
En definitiva, queremos ser el canal 3.0, interactivo y eficaz, entre consumidores y empresas;

¿Cómo funciona?
1- Expón tu problema: Haz pública tu reclamación e inicia un cambio, que todos lo sepan para que no vuelva a pasar. Pide a tus amigos que la difundan y te apoyen.
2- Notificación: Populetic notifica tu queja a la empresa.
3- Resolución: Te ayudamos a solucionar el problema y a hacer pública su resolución.
Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
Empower citizens, Business and Work
  • consumer rights, citizen, complain, social, enterprise, business, administration
Target Users
  • Anyone that wants to support consumer rights against the bad practices of some enterprises and public administrations.
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