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With millions of apps and billions of app downloads, how do you find great apps for your mobile device?If you develop apps, how do users find your app?

Do you know who recommends or shares your app? Who your 'Appfluencers' are?

Powerslyde answers these questions with next generation social app discovery through your most trusted sources…friends, family and colleagues.

Powerslyde makes it fun and easy to:

find and follow friendssee what apps your friends have on their mobile deviceshare a single app or a collection of appsshare apps with one friend or a group of friends* from your contacts, via email or social platforms like Facebookget notified when your friends add new apps to their devicedownload and install app recommendations from friendsmanage your privacy settings, so your friends only see the apps you’re comfortable sharing

Powerslyde allows ‘Appfluencers’ to create custom collections, share them quickly and easy with friends or family who may have a new device and do not know which are the latest or best apps, without relying on an app store top ten list.

Create custom collections of apps that can be useful in many ways. Apps that are your favorites, by app category, name collections after friends or family who you share with often.

Sharing an app or collection was designed to fun!

Simply selecting the app icon or collection creates a vortex where you can ‘slyde’ the app into and off it goes to show up in your friends powerslyde feed, as an email or their social streams.

Discover and share apps the social way with powerslyde.
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  • 1.04 - free (Android )
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