The private patient card app of the German service provider vitabook mobile controls the patient's applications in his own health account. (EHR)
The The private patient card app is the contral panel for the patient for his electronic health record by vitabook. vitabook is the first serviceprovider for patients in germany. The patient has a cloud for his health date an a network with his stakeholders to share this. the patient is the owner of his healthdate. All stakeholders can send him datas. A stakeholder like a doctor, pharmacist, clink, can look to the record with a weblogin. They can online work with me, if i allow it and put the acteur to my netzwork in my cloud. So i save all my health data. i can show it all over the world. My cloud is integrated in the microsoft cloud germany.

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Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Windows Mobile
  • vitabook - 1,95 Euro (Three month free. Cost-taking by the health insurance companies)
  • ehealth, EHR, electronic health record, Gesundheitskonto, Patient, eGA, ePA, selbstbestimmt, health, digital, vernetzt, patients health cloud, microsoft cloud germany,
Target Users
  • All the citizens of germany
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