Produktyf CRM
Manage information about people and companies
Produktyf CRM is a native BlackBerry 10 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) application which helps you to manage and organize information about people (contacts, clients, prospects, suppliers, students, etc), companies, project and just about anything.

Using powerful yet easy to use BlackBerry Cascades user interface the application allows you to capture notes and link them to multiple contacts, companies or projects.

Once information is linked and saved it is very easy to view and find the information you are looking for.

All data is stored securely on the device and is never sent or uploaded to external server.

Key features:


• Create notes with title, content, date/time, type (Note, Meeting, Conference Call, Phone Call, Task, E-Mail)

• Link notes to multiple Contacts, Companies and Projects

• Filter note list by linked items

• Easily view what other items are linked to a note


• Create contact entries storing basic contact information

• Link contacts to multiple Notes, Companies and Projects

• Link contact to a BlackBerry device contact (*)

• Easily view what other items are linked to a contact


• Create company entries storing basic company information

• Link companies to multiple Notes, Contacts and Projects

• Easily view what other items are linked to a company


• Create project entries storing basic project information

• Link projects to multiple Notes, Contacts and Companies

• Easily view what other items are linked to a project

This fully-functional application can be downloaded and used for free (with no ads) however there are certain limits requiring purchasing additional functionality through in-app purchases:

• Free version allows creating maximum of 5 projects. To create additional projects you will be prompted to purchase "Unlimited Projects" feature for $0.99 US (or equivalent)

• Free version allows entering basic contact information only (First and Last name and comments). To enable additional contact fields and to enable linking of contact entries in the app with BlackBerry device contacts you will be prompted to purchase "Contacts Pro" feature for $0.99 US (or equivalent)

BlackBerry, Qt
  • Free version available
  • Produktyf CRM - FREE (Can be used for free with huge featureset. In-app purchase for extra functionality)
Business and Work
  • crm, contacts, notes, information, sales, customer, relationship, management, knowledge, service
Target Users
  • Business professionals, project manager, sales people, everyone who wants to be organized
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